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October 17th Another voting day ends at city hall and just a few days left to crunch time. I’ve been busy door knocking and listening to concerns, ideas, and some words of thanks and encouragement.  I’ve been answering all kinds of online and emailed questions about all sorts of topics, most of which are very well thought out and relevant to our electorate. I really appreciate all of the engagement. The next couple of days will be repeats of the last few weeks. I’ve always admired people who take on the often thankless responsibility of public office and now my respect has grown that much deeper.

It makes me reflect on why this is so important to me. It comes from my background as a child from two cultures and two continents. My late father was a pilot in the RCAF stationed in Germany in the early 50s. He met my mom there, fell in love and married. He left the forces and worked for the U.S. military as an interpreter because he was fluent in English, French and German. Three children, myself included were born in Zweibruecken and in September ’61 we came to Canada from Le Havre on the Queen Mary.

I only spoke German until I started school, but I wanted to be like all the other children in our old Ottawa neighbourhood, aka Overbrook. I just wanted to fit in and be Canadian. I discovered a love for languages and learned English and French almost from day one. I was fascinated with the bilingual packaging and signage everywhere and tore around the neighbourhood with many French Canadian friends. And while I identified with both sides of my heritage, Irish Catholic and German Lutheran, I was acutely aware that being German wasn’t exactly flavour of the month in the early 60s.

My mom faced her own challenges of isolation in a strange country with no family or friends and being a voracious reader, she taught herself English albeit with a heavy German accent. She was a beautiful, resourceful, and kind woman who made friends easily as she welcomed so many into our modest home.

My father’s family were all Irish to the core right back to Ireland in the mid 1800s. At my father’s wake, I met a cousin of his and discovered that one of our Irish ancestors was in fact Michael Patrick Ryan, one of the first Canadian MPs representing Montreal Centre after the assassination of D’arcy McGee in April 1868. He was subsequently re-elected in a byelection the following year. Discovering that, relit a fire in my belly that has been on a slow burn for most of my adult life. When I heard about an opening in Colwood council in early August, I thought about it for a couple of hours and with my husband’s blessing jumped in the fray, come what may!

Thanks for tuning in! If you haven’t already, please remember to vote on Saturday!

October 11th An update from Eve after the first voting day closes. I am encouraged by the turnout in early polls. I am humbled by the many people who have messaged their support for me in this process. At times it is somewhat unnerving, at other times it is utterly inspiring. In my 30 years as a resident of this community I have never before witnessed the sheer dedication and determination of candidates vying for six seats as councillors and of course the mayoralty itself. The questions, both public and private from the electorate keep me on my toes and challenge me to look at issues from many perspectives. Regardless of the outcome on October 20th, I remain optimistic about the future of our community and the people who reside in it. Please remember to do your part and vote. Bring someone with you and encourage your neighbours, family and friends to follow suit. Colwood is growing up. Let’s make it the place that leads by example!

Thanks for tuning in.

What others are saying about Eve:

“It’s fantastic you’re running to be a councillor Eve… I am sure you will do very well in local government.” Bill Vloedmans

“Ethically civic minded. A great fit.” Leigh Ann Stephenson

“Eve is thoughtful, thorough, caring, and concerned. She has a reputation for fighting hard for the things she believes in. Colwood would be well-advised to put her energy and ethics to good use, and vote YES for her for council.” Duncan Meiklejohn

“Eve is a caring, wise and articulate individual. She is passionate about her community, as well as National and Global affairs. Her leadership is by action and example, not by position or title. Eve knows the difference between convenience and what’s right, and her integrity will always fight for what she believes to be right.” Brian Belway

“Congratulations Eve!! You will be a great force for the city!” Julie Mullin

“One of the most genuine, honest & caring people I have ever met! Colwood would benefit greatly by having such an amazing woman representing the beautiful community!” Dave Niebergall

“You will make things go forward that’s for sure!” Sylvie Duchesneau


My philosophy of giving back, I learned from my mom. She met many challenges in her life but always managed to share with others and hold things together in spite of numerous obstacles. I also hold my two late grandmothers and late mother-in-law in great esteem. They were business owners, doers, givers, movers and shakers, each in her own way.

Colwood has been my family’s home by choice for 30 years. My husband and I have raised three wonderful children here. Our children attended Wishart Elementary, Dunsmuir Middle, Belmont Secondary, and the University of Victoria. I was a soccer mom and a band mom. I taught Sunday school at Church of the Advent and we were a host family for international students for five years. We love hiking the many spectacular trails on the island and skied at Mt Washington for many years.

I am grateful to my husband and our three adult children who continually support my ambitions. To my friends, a big ‘thank you’ for encouraging me in this process.

Here’s a link to Eve’s GoFundMe page. Every bit counts! No donation is too small! Thank you for your support!

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